Failure Analysis


The Failure Analysis section of this site provides a number of interactive guides and forms to help you determine the cause of your sealing system leaks and/or failures. If after using these tools you are still not able to determine the cause of the leakage on your own, please submit the completed forms to us and we will work with you in determining a cause.


The two main components of the failure analysis section are:



The System Leakage Guide will help you gather all the information necessary to analyze your failure. Once you have all the necessary information you can refer to the Sealing System Leakage Analysis section to see examples of some of the more common causes of seal leaks and recommendations that may correct these problems. Although this guide is fairly comprehensive it will not cover every possible situation and we recommend that you submit your completed System Leakage Guide to us so we can help in your analysis.


For your convinience, we have also attached PDF versions of the long and short  system leakage guide.




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