Sealing System Leakage Analysis - Oil


Composition of Lubricant Compared to New

Probable Causes Actions or Countermeasures
Changes in fluid lubricity, viscosity. Send oil sample to vendor for analysis.
Apparent color differences. Send oil sample to vendor for analysis.
Noticeable odor difference. Send oil sample to vendor for analysis.
Non-compatible "Substitute" fluid. Use fluid specified by OEM.
Contaminates in fluid. Replace fluid; filter fluid.



Contaminants in Oil

Probable Causes Actions or Countermeasures
Inadequate cleaning of unit prior to assembly. Review cleaning procedure to insure removal of machining debris prior to part assembly.
Ingestion of contaminants past seals. Inspect seal for presence of exclusion lip. for spring load seal, check for spring.
Wear debris: i.e. bearing, shaft, and other dynamic contact parts. Inspect dynamic components for excessive wear.
Oil contamination during storage. Check storage procedure.
Oil contamination by vendor. Check in-house and incoming oil containers for contaminates.
Break-down of hydraulic housing and similar system components due to material deterioration Check material fluid compatibility.
Sabotage. Install tamper-proof fill cap
Worn seal. Replace oil, filter oil; clean housing.
Sintered (powdered metal) components.  



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