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Zerelli Technologies is a global leader in sealing system technology. Drawing on decades of experience and Six Sigma methodology, Zerelli Technologies works with it's partners to provide your company with the highest quality parts, at the most competitive prices. Zerelli maintains a warehouse in the Chicago area and stocks product to support OEM customers throughout North America and the world.  In addition to the Chicago warehouse, Zerelli also has warehousing capabilites in our Park City, UT headquarters.




MFC Sealing Technology is a leading manufacturer of oil seals, o-rings and precision, custom-designed rubber molded products. Maintaining excellent quality and customer satisfaction is MFC’s number one priority. To reach this objective, MFC constant upgrades its manufacturing capability with state-of-the-art equipment as well as ongoing training of its personnel.


MFC is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, with manufacturing locations in Shanghai and Shenzhen, China. A TS-16949-certified company, MFC provides the high-quality parts you expect from a world-class manufacturer.  





Oil seals can be made in sizes up to 550mm in diameter, and larger sizes are available through MFC/Zerelli-qualified sources. The MFC test and materials lab is certified by the Taiwanese Accreditation Foundation, or TAF. Below is a list of the equipment used in the materials lab:


  • Hardness Tester
  • Tensile Testing Machine
  • Specific Gravity Teste
  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)
  • Low Temperature Brittleness Tester
  • Compression Set Tester
  • Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)

Dynamic seal testing is a valuable MFC asset. Year over year, MFC increases its investment in research and development. On average, MFC conducts more than 200,000 hours of seal testing per year. Below is a list of equipment used in the test lab:


  • 30 standard seal testing units
  • 3 shock absorber test units
  • 4 power steering seal test units
  • 10 hub seal testing units
  • 2 mud slurry hub test units
  • 6 piston seal (automatic transmission) test unit
  • 4 washing machine seal test units


 Additional third-party testing is available through Zerelli in North America.



  • Park City, UT – Zerelli Headquarters
  • Elk Grove, IL – Zerelli Warehouse  
  • Taipei, Taiwan – MFC Headquarters
  • Shanghai, China – MFC oil seal manufacturing
  • Shenzhen, China – MFC o-rings and rubber molding operations 

Warehousing and Inventory Management


The partnership between Zerelli and MFC offers customers the best of both worlds – the quality and affordability of an international supplier, and the convenience of a local presence to handle imports, logistics, inventory management, all at exceptional quality and competitive prices.


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