Common Conversions

Dimensional Calculator

This calculator will convert dimensions between inches and millimeters and vice versa. To use this feature, enter a number in either field, then click Calculate. Use the Clear Values button to clear data and perform a new calculation.


Temperature Calculator

To use the temperature scale converter, input any whole or decimal number into any one of the scale boxes. Click on the Calculate button and the values for the other scales will appear in the appropriate boxes.


Revolutions Per Minute

First select inches or millimeters, next enter your shaft diameter. If you are converting RPM to FPM, enter the value in the RPM field then click on the Calculate FPM button. For converting FPM to RPM, enter the value in the FPM field then click on the Calculate RPM button.

Shaft Diameter:   
Revolutions Per Minute:    
Feet/Meters Per Minute:    


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