Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadine Rubber



ASTM D1418, ISO 1629 Designation:HNBR

ASTM D2000, SAE J200 Type/Class: DH

General Temperature Range: -40°F to +300° F




  • Lower relative cost compared to FKM
  • Abrasion wear resistance
  • Low temperature
  • High temperature
  • Excellent hot oil resistance
  • Exhibit better wear resistance than standard nitrile.
  • Excellent abrasion, compression set, tensiles, and tear properties.
  • Good resistance to ozone, sunlight, and other atmospheric conditions.
  • Vastly improved resistance to heat aging up to 300˚F range and, for short periods, in the 350˚F range available material exhibits a low temperature range -40˚F




  • Limited exposure in the market place
  • Difficult to process
  • Not recommended for exposure to ketone, esters, aromatic fluids.




  • Oil resistant applications
  • Oil well applications
  • Fuel systems, automotive, marine, and aircraft
  • General Industrial Use
  • Power transmission and worm gear reducers



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